Tuesday, March 23, 2010

remember natalie imbruglia?

as i was driving home from crafting with brooke tonight, natalie imbruglia's song "leave me alone" came on my ipod and i couldn't help but listen.
remember when you were thirteen and played dolls in your bedroom while listening to her album left of the middle for hours on end? what? did i just say thirteen? i meant eight, who plays with dolls until they are (at least) thirteen? that's weird.

moving on...

i was wondering what ever happened to natalie imbruglia? she is quite talented and supes cute with her short hair (i need to get hair off my mind) and slight sassiness. did she ever have a second album? did she breakup with david schwimmer because he is supes gay? is she living in her homeland of australia? was her song a hint and does she just want everyone to leave her alone?

these are all questions i would like answered. by you. now.

p.s. my home teacher was telling us about these girls that he knows that say "supes" all the time instead of "super" and how annoying he thinks it is...so we of course promptly added it into our vocabulary to annoy him, ourselves and everyone around us. you're welcome.


Jennifer Lane said...

first thing i thought of when i saw the pic was....supes cute short hair.

Jill said...

yep definately annoying...love you though