Tuesday, April 6, 2010

today is the sixth day of april.

that means that i walk for graduation in seventeen days.

and that i am thirty-eight days away from being twenty-three.

and that i leave for new york in thirty-nine days.

and that summer is so close that i can feel it. in spite of the freshly fallen snow outside my window.



*Mars* said...

oooh! Exciting things coming up! NEW YORK? I'm jeal.

I hope the snow goes away fast. We've been enjoying 70 and 80 degree weather but I'm cooped up inside at a computer all day everyday. Sigh. Not my idea of fun. I want to be basking in the sun...and that rhymed.

Jennifer Lane said...

and it also means that we have plenty of more days to do Pussy Cat Dolls work outs.

Elissa said...

what? NY? are you moving?

paige said...

elissa - i am just going to visit. i realize that was a little misleading.