Sunday, June 6, 2010

want to hear about my trip to new york??????

my mom called me in february and the conversation went as follows...
mom: do you want to go to new york for your birthday?
me: uummmm yes!!!!
(while thinking to myself, is that a question that you really need to ask?)

so, may 14th rolls around and mom and i fly over to the "big apple."
the statue of liberty would have been in this picture if i would have been a little more quick on the draw. it's about a centimeter to the left of the edge.

we stayed at my sister, eryn's apartment in astoria (which is in queens). it is a really precious city full of arguing greeks. here's a photo of the park in astoria:
our days mainly consisted of bagels in the morning, walking, shopping, walking, eating, walking, shopping, walking, eating, walking, shopping, walking...and passing out on eryn's floor every night while watching our favorite retarded movies. (keep pretending you don't like shag or how to make an american quilt lauren, we all know you love them.)

it truly was a glorious trip and i had so much fun. and don't worry, i bought a ton of clothes. i really wish that brooke and shea could have come too so it would have been a complete thomas girls' trip. someday, someday. thanks for the best present ever, mom and dad! i am a lucky girl.

if you want to see all of the pictures from our trip, click here.

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Mauri said...

HOW FUN! I didn't know Eryn lived there-even more fun! Ahhh shopping in NYC...I can only imagine.