Sunday, August 29, 2010

she & him

you know how i love zooey deschanel? andrea and i went to the she & him concert last week. it was amazing. as if it were possible, i think i want to be zooey even more now. she is so cute and nice, and sounded just as good live as she does on their albums.

we're so indie...
i had plans to kidnap zooey and force her into best friendship...and they were successful. we're hanging out right now.
*love the good quality photos.


Jill said...

So jealous! I love She and Him!
PS you look way hot in that second picture!

Elissa said...

I have the biggest girl crush on her.

martha said...

oooo it has been too long since i've visited blogs. i missed yours. and i am sad i was out of town for the concert because oh my gosh it sounds like you had a blast. ahhhh