Saturday, January 10, 2009

the break.

i went home for christmas break and it was fabulous.  it was just so nice to relax and not have a care in the world for a couple weeks, pure bliss.  it was also wonderful to spend some time with my family.

dad wearing my sunglasses.  i think they look pretty good on him.

this is my oldest niece, london.  she turned 8 on december 20th.  i can't believe how old she is, i was literally fighting back tears while she blew out her candles.  my baby's growing up!

our family goes bowling every christmas eve and this year we invited some family friends to join us, the johnsons and bennetts.  this is my sister, eryn, and matt johnson.

mom and me baking sugar cookies.  i look slightly crazy and mom is trying to imitate my pucker face.  and my mom doesn't have two different colored eyes, when i was getting rid of the red eye, it went a little weird.

london and rheagan gave us a flexibility show on christmas eve.  it was pretty entertaining.

when my dad sang "paranoid" by black sabbath, i thought i might pee my pants.  seriously one of the funniest slash greatest things i have ever seen.

after swimming at the rec center, rheagan is such a little lady.  i kept telling her that i wanted her dress because it looked so cute and comfortable and she just kept telling me i couldn't have it.

scarlett just loves her popcorn.

she is one of the silliest babies in the world.  she had us all laughing so hard at dinner one night because she kept tilting her head down and looking up at you.  it's hard to describe, but it was precious and hilarious.  later we were watching hot rod and every time a song came on she just started dancing and wiggling.  so cute.

it was so fun to be at home, but it is also good to be back in provo.  as much as i hate provo, it is starting to become home.  don't you just hate it when that happens?


mark said...

provo is like cheap mexican food. you know you shouldnt like it and you try to avoid it but every now and then it seems delicious and good but only winds up reeking havoc on you when youre done.

Afton or Brooke said...

i love your pics. it makes me really sad we couldn't be there for christmas too. my favs are the ones of mom and dad. so funny. we have such a fun family, don't we?!

paige said...

we really do. i wouldn't trade our family for anything in the world.

becky said...

The time went by much too quickly. I can't wait until the entire family is together again! I'm going to work on that pucker pose.