Sunday, January 18, 2009

can i say a little something...

...about the show privileged? has anyone ever watched this precious show? brooke records it every week and saves the episodes for me until i can make it up to her house to watch them, thanks brooke! it is just such a cute show. it is a little refreshing to watch a show with a good moral. we watched 4 episodes last night and i have to say i'm a little sad that i'm caught up because i don't have anymore to watch until a new one comes on. the main character megan, played by joanna garcia, is always styled so cute--head to toe. the premise of the show is that megan moves to palm beach, fl to tutor 2 heiresses. as opposed to most of the shows out there depicting the lives of rich teens (can we say gossip girl?) these girls face problems like how to let a boy know that they like them, someone stealing their tennis bracelet, or doing well on a test. it also shows the importance of family and sisterhood. i just think it is a precious little show and it makes me long for warm weather. it comes on tuesday nights on the cw, check it out!

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