Wednesday, April 15, 2009

it's finally here.

the best of winter 2009 police beat. click here to see the full list of hilariousness.

this is one of my favorites:

Feb. 22: Police received a complaint from Wyview about three male individuals with white masks dancing around a car while the complainant and her boyfriend were inside. They said they felt threatened. The masked men were gone when police arrived.

you just know that these people were making out in their car and the masked individuals thought it would be funny to dance around them. i commend these individuals, pretty creative. word to the wise - if you don't want people to harass you while you make out, try going to a bit more discreet location than the parking lot in front of your apartment complex. just a suggestion. though i guess this was at wyview and pretty much everyone that lives there is a giant square...

here are a couple other jems:

March 13: A student walking near the Crabtree Building reported being hit in the face by a small hard object thrown from a passing car. The student discovered the object to be a Skittle. The victim got the license plate of the car, but the owner of the car denied any involvement in the incident.

March 21: The body of the Cougar statue at LaVell Edwards Stadium was found sprayed with the phrase “Rent Me” in shaving cream. The eyes were filled with the cream, too.



Alex said...

Oh I'm so glad you read the DU! ;)

BEAZER said...

i totally know who did the skittle one...

let's just say his last name might involve an animal. that swims.