Wednesday, April 22, 2009

off to a good start

i moved in with my sister's family for the summer and though it's only been one day, it has gone pretty well so far.  brooke and david have two kids, afton (4) and grayson (3), i have talked about them before and you probably know how in love with them i am.  

this morning afton came in and woke me up.  she said, "how did you sleep?"  i responded "good" and then she asked "how were your dreams?"  i just smiled and said that they were good.  i later asked grayson what he dreamed about and he said, "mickey mouse and race cars, i always dream about mickey mouse and race cars."  oh to be three again.

this afternoon grayson and i ate lunch on the deck and when we were going inside he said, "it was good eating lunch outside with you."

while afton was supposed to be in bed sleeping, she came downstairs and asked me how to spell "henry" (her ex-boyfriend) because she was writing in her diary.  i asked her what she wrote about henry in her diary and she said that she didn't want to tell me.

this is going to be the summer of hilarious preciousness.