Wednesday, July 22, 2009

is it a little weird

...that i kinda sorta have a crush on jack white?
i mean he is slightly slash really creepy. i think he is just kind of mesmerizing. and i thoroughly enjoy the raconteurs, especially their song "level," though all their songs are good. and now he has this new band called the dead weather and the photo shoot is definitely creepy, but i you feel it too?

it's kind of like when michael scott was asked if he would rather be feared or loved and said, "i want people to be afraid of how much they love me." yeah, i'm kind of afraid of how much i love jack white. and as much as i strongly dislike renee zellweger, i understand a little bit why she was with him a few years ago.

but seriously though. is it weird?


BEAZER said...


though, i enjoy the occasional dirty white stripes riff.

mickelle said...

perhaps a little weird. but ironic bc level is my current ringtone.

hollylynn said...


i do too.