Wednesday, July 1, 2009


we all know that i can't pass up a bargain and kind of have a shopping addiction. well, with that said...i got an amazing deal yesterday. right now at shade they are having a little sale. i have had my eye on the scoop neck 3/4 in jade ever since it came out this spring but have just been waiting for it to go on sale. yesterday while i was at my internship (which coincidentally is at shade) i was perusing the website and saw that this little number is on sale for $4.99. since i can't pass up a deal i walked on over to the other side of the warehouse and purchased it. apparently there is an additional discount going on for everyone and it ended up being only $3.71. can you believe it? i think i'm going to need the white one now too. i can't wait to wear it with a pencil skirt...precious.

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Mauri said...

I, like you, have a shopping addiction. Esp when it involves a good deal...can't pass those up! Love the shirt-esp the color! I hope you get your internship, that'd be awesome!