Thursday, February 3, 2011

i kind of miss my unemployment days.

this time last year my days consisted of waking up whenever, applying for jobs (don't miss that part), feeling overwhelmed and poor (that part either), and watching eight episodes of LOST everyday. doesn't that just sound glorious?

at the time i kind of hated that i couldn't go anywhere or do anything because i didn't have any money but who really wants to leave their apartment and go anywhere and do anything when it is this cold outside?

i know i don't.

i am so grateful that i have a good job and that i can go places and do things but lately i have been feeling really nostalgic for when i just did pretty much nothing.

sometimes (a lot of times actually) i just like doing nothing, you know?

also, i came across a video the other day about Jesus played by desmond! i love desmond! and i always said he looked like Jesus... i actually think that might be what started all this... i need to watch some LOST. asap.


*AnDIe* said...

i too miss your unemployment days. i enjoyed having someone to greet me when i arrived home after a long, trying day at school. oh, and i did enjoy watching lost with you.

Jenni said...

paige I was thinking this same thing this morning. i miss those days. they were good to me.