Wednesday, May 6, 2009

you know what brigham young university?

i am a little upset with you.

next time you decide to close an entire y lot (especially the y lot i park in everyday) could you give me a little notice? so i don't have to search for another y lot and park even farther away from my building and be late for work, since i work for you? i would really appreciate it.

i would also really appreciate it if you built a parking garage for students. i know the concept of doing something for students instead of faculty and alumni is mind blowing, but i think we would all benefit from it. thanks.


mickelle said...

amen sista

Jason + Sarah said...

did they seriously close the bean museum lot? Man I am glad I left that place because it probably would have been my last straw. I think I would have marched right upstairs and has some words with good ol' Cecil.