Friday, May 29, 2009

the latest in the life of pudge

i went home to colorado last weekend for nash's graduation. i got to see my babies and spend time with the family. there were some awesome rain and thunderstorms. i loved every second of it.

since i basically live out of my car during the day, i always look at those signs on the side of the road/freeway that have the temperature on them, they are my saving grace since the '98 honda civic dx doesn't give me that information and for some reason i am obsessed with knowing the temperature. question: why would you display the temperature in celsius in america. is it just me that is annoyed by this useless information?

my friend mickelle has some glorious stuff on her blog, check it out.  seriously though, this will blow your mind.

please tell me you have seen hot rod. if you haven't please do. i promise you will not regret it, seriously the funniest movie ever.

so i've kind of gotten into the nba finals and am falling in love with the nuggets. i really hope they can pull it out tonight and i'm pretty sure pau gasol is incredibly unattractive. i would really appreciate it if he didn't get anymore playing time, thanks.

now i'm off to hyrum for grandma coralie's bbq birthday party. have a good weekend!


hollylynn said...

go nuggets! i am totally with you on that one.

mickelle said...

haha, you're funny. i'm rooting for the nuggets too and i totally agree about gasol being very unattractive. poor guy

BEAZER said...

yes! a post i can relate to paige. sorry about the nugs, i'll miss the birdman.

Jason + Sarah said...

um, 1. hello of course the Lakers had to beat the nuggets! They are apparently my favorite team since I watch every single game. 2. Pau Gasol is definitely the ugliest weirdest looking Laker. He ruins the over all attractive team.