Wednesday, September 2, 2009

back to reality

back to school, back to busy-ness, back to guilt about not doing readings for classes...

byu is back in session and i don't quite know how i feel about it. i like the beginning of the school year because of all the freshness and who doesn't love school supplies shopping? or any kind of shopping for that matter. i was excited for school to start until i actually went to class yesterday...that kind of changed things. i hate that anxiety feeling when your professor (specifically dr. burnham) is going over the syllabus and telling you all the hard things you're going to have to do during the semester. granted i am only taking 3 classes, but i still feel a little anxious.

when i start to dwell on this scary feeling i think about all of the really awesome things about this semester:
-this is my last semester and i am graduating in december
-i have a ton of family in utah now: my little brother nash, cousin jesse, cousin kenzi and her new husband matt, and of course the milnes and thomases up in draper
-i only have three classes which are patternmaking (a little intense, and by a little i mean a lot), a cooking class, and survey of world religions.
-i only have to write one paper all semester
-my apartment is really cute
-i have a sweet job

and the list really could go on and on.

since this is my last semester at byu, i want to do al those byu things that i thought were really lame and have a bunch of school spirit for once. i had intentions of buying an all-sports pass, until i found out that they are $140. i guess i won't care about your sports, byu. i want to go to the homecoming parade, maybe that blue foam thing...i don't know.

my fellow byu people, what are those special byu things that i need to do before i graduate? any suggestions?


Jason + Sarah said...

I think i missed out on every BYUish thing you could possibly do. I am so lame.

Alexandra said...

ok paige can we be cougar-blue sans sports passes together?! case in point: i have never hiked the Y...? xo

Kels H. said...

S'mores at the bell tower. Yes, you can really make s'mores with the heat of the lights. Trust me. I shall have Jason or Martha or someone who has met you more than once pass along the message next time we go. It's basically amazing.