Sunday, September 27, 2009

run for the hills before they burn

so no one offered to take me to the killers concert last night. not that i'm bitter or anything.

but i still had a great time, even without the killers. i did another very fall thing...bonfire. when we first got there the fire was really tiny and maybe i made a few comments on how lame the bonfire was.

i stand corrected.

"maybe while we wait for people to get marshmallows we should take pictures of ourselves."

"let's take pictures of ourselves from across the fire."

i don't know if you quite got andrew's smolderingness...

i don't know what's face or the hugeness of our bonfire.

this bonfire was pretty much amazing. the only thing that could have made it more amazing is if someone would have told me a scary story like i asked them to. repeatedly.


Alexandra said...

oh what great fun.
andrew is werewolf baha

Jason + Sarah said...

oh i miss bonfires and fall.

Mckenzi and Matthew said...

I like your cute face... and the inside of your cute little mouth haha (sounds creepy I know, but... its true) so Ill have to say the incredible fire. I miss and love you! The cuz love has been distanced and ill have no more of it