Saturday, September 26, 2009

everyone's writing about how much they love it, so i will too.


my (and apparently everyone else's) favorite season is upon us. why do we all love fall so much? i know a big reason why i love fall is the change in weather and the apparel that goes with it. i also love halloween, changing leaves, blah blah blah. maybe a big part of why we all like it is because it lasts three, maybe four weeks and winter sets in. we always want what we can't have.

i stayed with the milne babies last weekend while brooke and david were out of town (in new york, i am still so jealous). i decided it would be a fun and very fall-ish activity to decorate little pumpkins, so when i picked the babies up from school i told them i had a surprise for them and they loved it. here are some pictures of the preciousness.

these pumpkins are very versatile...
silly faces on one side and scary faces on the other.

i went up yesterday for afton's birthday party and my pumpkin was missing. someone stole my precious little pumpkin. we were all a little disappointed.

p.s. today's forecast on said "abundant sunshine" that makes me feel pretty good inside. too bad i have a ton of patternmaking homework and can't enjoy this abundant sunshine.

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martha said...

oh paige! i'm convinced you will be the best mom ever. and the pictures are so cute :) ahhhh i love them and i hardly know them.