Saturday, September 12, 2009


so the staring contest party was a huge success. i'm not gonna lie, i was a little concerned that it would be totally lame. we had a really good turn out and most people participated in and were very enthusiastic about the contest.

the flyer we put on everyone's doors in our apartment complex.

the rules. yes, we are aware that laughing is spelled with an h.

our precious balcony specially decorated for the party.

we had some face accessories for people to wear to try to get their opponent to laugh.

i wasn't lying about the cupcakes. they were delicious.

my favorite face accessory was the mustache.

not only were there cupcakes, but we also had blow pops and laffy taffy.

at one point there were so many people in the apartment that no one could move and people had to stand outside.

our winners.

then andrea and i fell asleep on the couch.

this was literally the greatest night of my life. if you didn't come, you really missed out. we were all so satisfied (and surprised) with the outcome of our party and decided that we are going to have a party every month. next month: speed (the game, not drug) or halloween party.

i wish i could take all the credit for the staring contest idea, but i was inspired by the glorious blog a cup of jo.


Jason + Sarah said...

how precious. i wish we were there. next time perhaps!

megan thomas said...

dang, I was hoping next months party was speed the drug, not the game, and I would join. (30 year olds and older can come right?)