Saturday, November 21, 2009

maybe, just maybe

maybe i saw new moon last night.

maybe i purchased my ticket one month in advance.

maybe i re-read the book so i could point out all the things that were wrong in the movie.

maybe i made t-shirts with my roommates to wear to the movie several days in advance.

maybe alex and mark begged us to make t-shirts for them too so they could join the fun.

maybe jen yelled "i love edward" at the top of her lungs when the movie started.

maybe lindsey realized that she loves a sixteen-year-old werewolf named jacob.

maybe i had a lot of fun partaking in the new moon craziness.

that sparkly word is intoxicated, if you can't tell.

there's really no way to tell.

Friday, November 20, 2009

so here's an awkward story for your friday

this one time, in my stats class my sophomore year, something incredibly awkward happened. it was perhaps one of the most awkward moments in my life. and i am going to share that experience with you right now.

so this is what happened.

i was sitting in that big-ish auditorium in the talmage building with my friend, sarah. the chairs were those ones that are comfortable and have those little desk things that you pull up from the side. so we were just sitting there listening to the lecture and i decided to put my arm out and rest it on my little desk.

i could feel denim under my fingers and at first i just thought that it was my leg. but then i realized that i couldn't feel my leg being touched by my fingers and started to kind of pat around because for a split second i thought that i was all of a sudden paralyzed from the waist down and had lost feeling in my legs.

but then i realized why i couldn't feel it.

it wasn't my leg that i was touching. it was the married man sitting next to me's leg.

when this all came together in my mind i looked over and his face was bright red and i'm sure mine was too. i just said "oh my gosh! i am soooo sorry, i thought that was my leg."

and that's the story of that one time when i felt up a stranger in my stats class.

oh, and this is pretty awkward too.

Thursday, November 19, 2009


i just realized i should have saved this post for today since it is the evil genius' birthday.

why do i always do these things? oh well.

happy 25th eryn!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

'tis the season

a couple of the blogs that i stalk have been writing about things that they are grateful for. so, in the spirit of the season, i will give you three.

number one.
i am thankful today is wednesday, as is evident in the post below. seriously though, watch modern family tonight. i'm even going to invite you to my apartment to watch it. consider yourself invited. (but if you're really going to come, text me and give me some notice.)

number two.
i am thankful for my almost-nine-year-old niece's cell phone because i get to have conversations via text like this one:

me: londie pants! i'm going to be in colorado in 3 and a half days.
i can't wait to see my babies, i miss you!
london: i now!!!!! i am really exited!! i miss you. have a good time!
london: hey, text me when i get out of school at 3:30

"have a good time?" seriously, so precious.

number three.
i am thankful for this website has literally changed my life. i am obsessed, all i do at work every morning is read this glorious, hilarious website. thank you mlia, thank you. i just hope that someday my life can be average enough to grace the presence of your website.

number four.
how 'bout a fourth? sounds good to me. i am thankful that i had my cooking class tonight so i don't have to worry about eating tonight and we all know that is a big burden for college students. oh, i wish i was kidding right now.

what are you thankful for on this fine november evening?

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

i wish today was wednesday.

wanna know why?

because wednesday is the day that modern family comes on. if you haven't been watching this show, you're really missing out. it's time you started living your life by watching it. who knows? it just may change your life.

i love it for one reason and one reason only: pure hilarity.

watch this clip. now. you won't regret it.

now wasn't that hilarious? you're welcome. and that's not even the funniest clip out there.

wednesday night. 8:00. abc.

Monday, November 16, 2009

that's not very helpful

i was just on mystery google and it came up with this quiz called "who will you marry?" so i of course took the quiz. i am almost positive that the quiz was written by an illiterate, thirteen-year-old-girl somewhere in great britain.

my results were as follows:

never get married, you're happy single. but that's not to say you can't look for a good time. keep your eyes open and look your best. (with several grammatical corrections)

that isn't exactly the answer i was looking for to the question "who will i marry?" but thanks i guess?

Thursday, November 12, 2009

an ode to my sister, eryn.

when i was younger we had a fascination with making our own talk shows. my sister eryn is an evil genius and was usually the orchestrator of these talk shows. i can remember one talk show that we did quite vividly.

i am fairly confident that i was like seven years old which would make eryn nine and nash three, these are the key players in this story. nash was a very beautiful child and one of our favorite pastimes was to dress him up like a girl. he really did make a very pretty girl with his precious little curls.

eryn's vision for this talk show included nash being eleanor roosevelt. we told him that she was a man and not to worry, men wore skirts and makeup at that time. he was just a pup so he believed us.

we got nash all pretty and then we went down to the living room to film the talk show. eryn was the host and after eleanor was done with her (i mean his) interview it was my turn. it seems i wasn't aware of who i was going to be prior to my interview and when i sat down i was apparently shel silverstien. the first thing eryn says to me is "so shel, how does it feel to be so unattractive?" (while holding up the back of one of his books) and i just sat there staring at her and probably said something to the effect of "that's not what i look like." while eryn laughed hysterically. and that's all i remember.

and that is why my sister eryn is a crazy, hilarious, evil genius and i love her for it.

rest in peace shel, rest in peace.

just as an fyi

if i told you that i was going to be having a party on friday and made some threats to not be your friend anymore if you didn't can relax. the party is no longer happening on friday and will be rescheduled for a later date, most likely the beginning of december.

sorry to crush all your hopes and dreams.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

old lady pudge

so i was in my patternmaking class yesterday and i had the following conversation with a girl in my class...

girl: my birthday is in may (she was talking to another girl and i interrupted)
me: mine is too, what day is yours?
girl: the fourth
me: oh, mine is the fourteenth, precious.
girl: i'll be twenty-one, how old will you be?
me: i'll be twenty-three.
girl: what?! (in a shocked voice)
everyone around us: wait, you're how old????
me: i'm twenty-two right now but i'll be twenty-three in may.
everyone around us: seriously? wow.
girl: well, you look really good!
me: thank you...?

you look really good? since when were almost-twenty-three-year-olds supposed to look aged and ancient? i have never felt so old in my entire life. mind you probably half of the girls in my class are married and apparently a lot younger than almost-twenty-three.

on a somewhat related half birthday is on saturday and i love presents. just gonna put it out there.

oh my

so today's police beat in the daily universe had an interesting piece of "suspicious activity."

nov. 5: a man in his 60s and a woman in her 20s showed up at the morris center. they went to the back of the cafeteria where the woman posed provocatively while the man took her picture. an employee asked who they were and the man said he was a byu alumnus. they were gone when the police arrived.


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

sixth grade preciousness

i was just heard the song "my girl" by the temptaions and had a flashback to sixth grade.

drew tooley was the first boyfriend i ever had (unless you count kindergarten) and he was the best.

i swear i babysat nash like every weekend and drew would always call me while we were watching tgif. i have no idea what we talked about, but we would talk for extended periods of time - which is really impressive for sixth grade.

for christmas he gave me all this jewelry and body spray. i had no idea what to give him, so i gave him glow-in-the-dark dinosaurs or something. it was lame. he had his new girlfriend call and dump me at my friend's birthday party a few months later and i am pretty sure i cried. we took a picture of me dumping the body spray he gave me as if that would hurt him or something.

at the dare skate night, we went around the rink holding hands and i was terrified. he bought me an icee that night too.

for valentine's i gave him a box of candy and his mom brought me half a dozen roses, a teddy bear and hershey kisses because he was at home sick that day.

on fridays in our music class we could do little performances. one friday he got up there with his friends who were also going out with my friends and they sang "my girl" to us. it was so incredibly precious and i am almost positive that i thought it was lame. oh twelve year old pudge, so much to learn.

i can't believe i remember all that stuff from ten years ago. apparently drew was the love of my life. too bad it didn't last. too bad.

Monday, November 9, 2009

passion pit

martha, alex, and i went to the passion pit concert in salt lake a month-ish ago and it was glorious.
alex has been asking for these pictures for weeks. here you go, princess.

there was some (and by some i mean a lot of) waiting time...
so we proceeded to take pictures of ourselves.

my friend kyle appeared behind us. small world.

this roadie was precious and jewish = pudge love.

i tried to seduce the lead singer with my eyes the whole time, with little to no success.

"the reeling" was the last song that they played and my favorite. the energy was amazing when they played this song. love it.

The Reeling - Passion Pit

my life is average

last night my friend mark showed me this website and i kind of love it. is kind of like, but a little cleaner and more uplifting.

here are a few of the submissions i enjoyed this morning...

Today, I brought up my winter clothes from the basement. I pulled out a pair of purple jeans and put them on. In the left pocket, I found a note that said, "In a year, when you're broke, you will thank me for this.Try your other pocket." In the right pocket, I found a $5 dollar bill. This brings my total number of owned dollars to 5. Thank you, pants of wisdom. MLIA.

Today, I found out that my boyfriend had his mom sign a note for him to get out of swimming due to his period. The note is now hanging in the p.e teacher's office for best excuse. Eddie, I will marry you. MLIA.

Today, I encountered a homeless man sitting in a chair on the sidewalk. He held a sign that read "Give me money or I'll kick you in the face." I was slightly alarmed until I realized that his chair was actually a wheelchair and both of his legs were amputated at the knee. He got all of my spare cash and a high five. MLIA

Today, I heard my dad gossiping to my aunt quite loudly saying that he bought me a Tiffany's necklace for my birthday and it was hidden in his top drawer. When I got home I ran to his room and slid open the drawer. Right on top of his socks was a note that read "Just kidding. I taught you not to eavesdrop." MLIA

Today, I slept for 12 hours into the afternoon. When I asked my mother why she hadn't checked on me sooner, she replied, "I figured that if you had died in your sleep, there was nothing I could do about it." Thanks, Mom. MLIA

Today, I was shopping at the mall when I had to use the elevator. There was also a young boy and his mom in there. The little boy looked his mom in the eye and said in a serious voice, "If you don't buy me ice cream, I'm never gonna give you grandchildren." MLIA

pretty much precious.

on another precious note...i babysat a & g on saturday night and as if it were possible, i think they've gotten even cuter. afton has apparently picked up an english accent on the word "nooo." i had the privilege of hearing it a lot at bedtime. oh five-year-olds.

Friday, November 6, 2009


refinery 29 did a style guide of six perfect outfits for fall. these were my three favorites.

sarah blogged about the perfect leather jacket a little while ago, and i think she was right. i need a leather jacket. i want a cute bomber/motorcyle-ish one. and i love the crew neck sweater. this outfit is so cute and totally easy to achieve with things you already have in your closet.

i just really love the jacket on the right and the tights. so precious.

very kate hudson in almost famous. i don't know that i would ever be able to pull off the fur vest, though i do think it is quite adorable. the dress is pretty much perfection: vintage, long sleeve, and hits at the knee.

what are you finding to be the essential pieces of your wardrobe this season?
click here to see all six and where all the pieces came from.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

could you do it?

would you wear overalls again? i loved wearing overalls when i was growing up and stopped wearing them in middle school when i became aware of the fact that i looked like a 7 year old. i just feel like they are for kids and awkward pregnant women, or men that live in trailer parks and don't wear shirts with them. according to they are going to be big next spring, but i am not sure if i could do it.

this look from ralph lauren is actually pretty darn precious.

what do you think?

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

i got a fever...

if i could meet any actor in the world i think it would be christopher walken. he is just so crazy and hilarious all the time. i am almost positive he would be one of the most interesting and entertaining people to meet.

so when i saw this link on my facebook homepage, i promptly stole it from my facebook friend to share it with you. you're welcome.

Monday, November 2, 2009

halloween happenings

so i decided to be catwoman. i put on the superwoman costume and i looked like a giant nerd, so i thought it would be okay to be a cat for the third time. it was that bad.

apparently my version of catwoman has bell's palsy. watch out.

if you try to buy a pumpkin on halloween you will end up with this reject that no one else wanted.

and the highlight of my halloween night.....

turning alex beazer into an emo boy. at one point lindsey was drawing sad tattoos on his arms, i was doing his makeup and andrea was painting his nails. it was seriously so fun.

he was doing a really good (frighteningly good) job of getting into character and we kept trying to take a picture but then i would start laughing when i was about to take it which would then make him laugh and ruin the picture. but then we finally got this gem...

hide the tissues.