Tuesday, December 1, 2009

i'm not ashamed to admit it.

maybe i stalk people's weddings and maybe i have my own wedding planned and maybe i will not be getting married any time in the near future.

okay, all of the above statements are true and i am not ashamed to admit it, i love weddings. i love everything about them and my favorite part of course, is the dress.

as of late, i have decided that i want to look like a greek goddess on my wedding day. i love really flowy gowns and here are some of the ones i love.

and over at jcrew i love this one and this one and this one. i also love all their bridesmaid dresses and how they all come in the same colors so you can have all your bridesmaids in different dresses but all the same color. so cute.

then today i was blog stalking and came upon this precious little number. how incredibly cute is this dress?
i love the vintage feel and simplicity of it and guess what? it is already modest and you don't have to add sleeves or anything. perfection. the only downside to a shorter dress is that you have to wear heels so your legs look good and i hate wearing heels. especially all day. the dress is from saja wedding. all their dresses are beautiful and somewhat moderately priced, at least compared to all the ones on say yes to the dress.

i keep having this re-occurring dream about my wedding and every time i have a vintage dress. that dream is weird though, i never know the guy i am marrying and have this dilemma of whether or not to marry him anyway because he is a great guy. maybe it means that i am going to have a vintage wedding dress. i certainly hope it is not foreshadowing me realizing the day of my wedding that i don't know the person i am marrying. that would definitely not be ideal.

contrary to how this post may appear, i am not one of those typical marriage obsessed provo girls. i just like weddings.

quit judging me.


Holly said...

So, here's my big issue. All my life I've believed that I had my whole wedding planned and now I'm engaged and find myself thinking, "now what?" Like I can't remember what I like. So I hope you have better luck than I have!

Jennifer Lane said...

You're planning my wedding.

Jen Wangsgard said...

I love the Asian lady in the last picture :) captures your look completely.....ba hahaha