Wednesday, December 9, 2009

oy vey!

i just found the greatest website.

in case you didn't already know, i am an eighth jewish. the jewishness in our family comes from latvia, which used to be part of russia which means that i am a russian jew and maybe, just maybe fiddler on the roof is about my family. okay that may be a bit of a stretch, but i am very proud of my jewish heritage. you know those "everyone loves a _____ girl" shirts? well, one time we were in urban outfitters and they had one that said "everyone loves a jewish girl" and my mom wouldn't buy it for me with the reason that i am "not" jewish. sure mom, sure.

in honor of my jewishness, i have been saying for years that i want to learn yiddish and have never really done anything about it. except for saying "mazel tov" in awkward situations. well, today is the day that everything changes.

i found a website that has a yiddish dictionary! and this other website translates phrases/words into yiddish! so don't be surprised when you see me and i say things like:

vos vet zein, vet zein! = what will be, will be!
quit being such a meshugeneh. = quite being such a crazy person.
vooden = what do you expect?/of course/what else?
gloib mir = believe me
ugghhh, this is a kappora = ugghhh, this is a catastrophe.
i am fachadick = i am very confused
a klog is mir = woe is me
that's hockin me a chinick = that's extremely annoying.

the list really could go on and on, so i will just leave you with those to ponder. you're welcome.

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Alexandra said...

WORK THE JUDAISM PUDGE WORK IT. My mom and I secretly wish we were jewish- we call each other bubbala, say oy and ay gafult and other words with -sch sounds in them. ahaha i'm amazed by this website. probably the most amazing thing to happen to me in a while.

did you see the thing on orrin hatch loving jews? love it.