Saturday, December 26, 2009

so i saw avatar today

fern gully + dances with wolves + pocahontas + lord of the rings + last samurai + the twilight series = avatar.

it wasn't really my genre of movie, but i can still appreciate the awesome-ness of it and how incredible it is, etc. watching it in 3D was a little annoying at first, but it did add to the experience.

all and all i liked it.

but do you want to know what really made the movie worth while?
mr. sam worthington

this picture doesn't even do him justice. he pulled off buzzed hair, slightly longer wavy messy hair, clean shaven, scruffy, full out beard...not very many men can do that. i mean...he even made that avatar in the background start to look attractive. you honestly should see it just so you can experience how incredibly good looking he is. you really won't regret it. i promise.

oh sam.

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Jennifer Lane said...

Oh SAM is right!! The whole time I was thinking....where have you been all my life.