Wednesday, December 23, 2009

slumber party

so last night my two oldest nieces, london (9) and rheagan (6), slept in my room with me on the floor. i did offer to let them sleep in my bed with me but seeing as i am under the weather they did not want to. so no, i did not force them to sleep on the floor, i am a nice aunt.

london needed a pillow, so i threw one at her and happened to hit her right in the face. rheagan and i started laughing hysterically because it really was quite funny. then while we were laying in bed the following conversation occurred.

me: remember when i threw that pillow at london's face?
london: uuhhh...that just happened...why would you say that.
london attacking me with her pillow.
rheagan (to london): i better not feel your feet touching me tonight.
london: you won't, i'm wearing socks.
rheagan: well i better not feel you cuddling me tonight either.
laughter ensues and more attacking me with pillows.
london: we should put this on youtube.
me: what's that red mark on london's face?
london: not my face! not my new face!
me: your new face? you're nine years old, what's your old face...?
rheagan (to london): just go get your stinkin DS
london taking a little bit to give it to her...
rheagan: you're killing me right now.

i love my family. i swear there aren't any cuter or funnier kids than the ones in my family.

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Afton or Brooke said...

"your stinken ds". hillarious! i miss those girls :(