Friday, December 11, 2009

never again will i say...

...that there is nothing to do in provo. over on c. jane's guide to provo, she is doing a list of 100 things to do in provo. click here for 80-100, here for 61-79, here for 40-60, here for 21-39, and here for 1-20. she even has addresses of the best christmas decorated houses in provo on her sidebar.

here are some of my favorites/things i want to do (i am too lazy to put these in order):

89. Discover the secret ghost town feel to Olmstead--the neighborhood at the mouth of Provo Canyon (North Canyon Hills Road).
91. Golf at Riverside Country Club.
95. Stroll down Lover's Lane with your lover, or roommate. (who knew provo had a lover's lane other than squaw peak?)
97. Take a friend fishing at Footprinters Park.
74. Observe your experience while shopping at Reams on West Center street. (that store is terrifying)
73. Volunteer at Provo's Food and Care Coalition.
76. Compare your shopping experience at Reams with your shopping experience at Allen's on 3rd South.
79. Walk on a frozen Utah Lake in the dead of winter.
58. Spend a night at the Hines Mansion Bed & Breakfast.
32. Buy a bouquet of flowers at the Flower Basket.
33. Order a hot plate of fries at Stan's, repeat if you must. (is that place actually good? i wondered that a lot back in my king henry days.)
4. Eat fish and chips at Ripples, wash down with a limeade--the world's best limeade, to add
6. Tour the Provo Library.
19. Drive to the airport road loop. Stop to see cranes, pelicans and geese. Also watch the planes fly over.
20. Roll down the hills with your body or slide on a sled (depending on the season) at Rock Canyon park. (Ice blocks work too--if you don't mind wet bum.)

okay, who's doing all these things with me?


shea said...

Reams is quit the experience.

Jennifer Lane said...

me me me.
and we should consider looking at the provo houses she mentions. it will probably make our experience more successful than the last.

Mckenzi and Matthew said...

I call #58 and 4 in conjunction! You know who to call, love you!